Terms & Conditions

Article 1

The law-firm of Lexwell Attorneys at law on Sint Maarten, hereinafter also referred to as “Lexwell” or “the law-firm” is a Limited Liability Company established on Sint Maarten. These general conditions shall apply to the engagement of the law-firm or their managing directors, or employees of the law-firm, by clients of the law-firm for the rendering of legal services.

Article 2

Lexwell shall not be liable for the acts of any third parties whose assistance the law-firm uses in the rendering of services, without prejudice to the law-firm’s obligation to exercise due care in the selection of such third parties, and to the extent reasonably feasible, to consult with the client concerning the engagement of third parties. Lexwell shall not be under an obligation to consult with client concerning the engagement of such third parties as couriers and process servers.

Article 3

All services shall be rendered by the law-firm, regardless whether the services of the law-firm have been engaged with a view to a specific person. The managing directors, and those persons employed by the law-firm, shall not be personally bound or liable, nor shall the engagement of legal services terminate as a result of the death, guardianship or bankruptcy of any of them.

Article 4

Any liability on the part Lexwell shall be limited to US$ 25.000,- or to the amount that, in that particular case, is actually recovered under the Insurance policy for professional liability.

Article 5

Unless otherwise agreed upon, professional fees shall be charged at an hourly rate to be increased with 10% for general expenses. Expenses made by the law-firm in connection with the engagement, such as court administration fees, Marshall fees, and travel expenses, will be charged separately. Payment shall be made without deduction or compensation in U.S. Currency at the offices of Lexwell either by cash or certified check or by wire transfer into a bank account designated by Lexwell upon receipt of the invoice. Notwithstanding all other rights of Lexwell, all unpaid invoices are subject to interest of 1.5% per month and reasonable collection fees. Part of a month will be regarded as a whole month. In the event that one or more invoices remain unpaid, the law-firm has the right to inform the client that it will suspend its services until such time that all outstanding invoices have been paid. Services include the administration and payment of funds from the third-party escrow account.

Article 6

Lexwell may request advance payments and the provision of collateral during any stage of representation. Lexwell is authorized to suspend its services until the advance is paid or acceptable collateral has been provided. Lexwell will release the collateral as soon as the need therefore is not longer present.

Article 7

The legal relationship between the law-firm and those who engage its services shall be governed by the laws of Sint Maarten. Any disputes arising out of this relationship shall be exclusively resolved by the competent court in Sint Maarten.

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Our office is on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten in the Dutch Caribbean,

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